A long time ago, in a far away place…. beneath the shimmering sun of the hot Sahara was a land of fire and flame–a romantic world of forgotten dreams that harkens back to a bygone age where men ruled the desert from horseback and found sexual pleasure in their violent lusts and desires. The powerful drumbeat of the Arabian heart drove men into each other’s arms, a co-mingling of sweat and passion that filled deep-rooted needs, the result of a lonely existence surrounded by sand and palm. This place is the setting for Arabesque. Arabesque emerges from the silent films of Rudolph Valentino, starting in black and white and quickly turning into a lush, colorful photoplay. We peer into the hustle and bustle of a marketplace where a dozen hot Arabian men, hairy, built, and beautiful, conduct the business of life–buying and selling goods, gossiping about the village… eyeing each other and perhaps wondering about unthinkable thoughts… Slowly the scene thins out as men go back to their houses, some carrying new guns from the arms merchant, others with carpets, some with food. Finally five remain–the hottest men of all, each thirsting for something more than the cool water of the market fountain…

dezembro 10, 2021