Ass Controller 2


Damien pulls Johnny over for erratic driving and brings him into the station. Little did he know, Johnny has an ass controller in his hole causing his wildness. Intrigued, Damien has a little fun playing with Johnny’s ass. William has some ass controlling fun with Jack while they’re at the gym. Jack gets in way more of a workout than he expected. Kit and Peter are having a teacher-student affair and to spice things up. Kit gets an ass controller and tells Peter to play with him while he’s teaching. Of course, Peter couldn’t keep this to himself and he lets the boys Alex, Ethan and Zack in on the secret. Their one-on-one affair just became an all-out orgy – double penetration included! Hair stylist Ethan arrives at work to find he’s been gifted with an ass controller. He puts it in and gets to work on Morgan’s hair. The ass controller is soon activated and Ethan loses it. Lucky for him Morgan is there to offer some relief.

janeiro 12, 2022