Ball Busters


After a hard session of football training out on the pitch, luscious Levis Grant wants a shower. All that exercise has put him in quite a sweat – but its nothing compared to the workout he gets once Miloљ Zambu is fucking his sweet little ass. Having taken Zambus thick, uncut rod between his lips, Grant writhes like an animal when Zambu licks his ass out from beneath. But the lads not happy until his tight hole is hosting the full length of his partners meat – riding the shaft like a veritable whore, as he moans and groans with true professional relish. Needless to say the boys sweating like a pig by the time his cock finally yields two truly magnificent loads!
Sc.2 Handsome hunks gym-side jerk-off
Gyms can be real hot places – in more ways than one! And with all that equipment to work on, its little wonder that some guys just cant control themselves in such places. Clode Volf, a smooth, toned, ball-achingly fit guy, being one such dude. Alone amongst the weights, hes soon making sure that his succulent uncut member is getting the workout of its life – a stunning solo performance that only concludes when his balls just cant hold out any longer. With a knowing glint in his eye, he spews spunk across his red leather seat (not to mention the floor!) – a job well done for sure, and one you wont want to miss!
Sc.3: Threesome in frantic gym spunk-fest
Fresh from his wank, Volf leads the antics of Ruslan Brodovisch and Damian Bross – two fine young Czech guys who return from training in search of more exercise. Which for Brodovisch comes courtesy of Volks hungry ass. First Volk takes it from behind, whilst Bross rubs cock against Brodovisch like a tomcat on Viagra; then he rides Bross dick cowboy-style. And theres only one way that a scene this hot is gonna end! First Bross spunks over Brodovischs chest; then Volf produces quite an unbelievable spray over his pals taut, rippled belly. But arguably its Brodovisch himself who steals the show – pumping the contents of his nads right across his body, before rubbing the spunk into his skin.
Sc.4: Thomas Dyk tops hot shower buddie
Thomas Dyk pairs up with doe-eyed newcomer, Nicholas Kimmy, with Dyk inviting his prot©g© onto a sports-bench for a “massage”. Soon Dyks fingers begin to work their magic on Kimmys tight hole – and before you know it theyre lying top-to-toe on the bench and both blowing cock like a couple of whores. Then, laid out on his back with his legs at 180 degrees, Kimmy almost upstages his famous companion; ultimately falling on his knees when Dyk rips off his rubber to take the entire contents of his partners balls. Little wonder that director Vlado Iresch decides to fade the scene with the delicious sight of Dyks cream dripping from Kimmys very contented face.
Sc.5: Blue-eyed cherubs double facial
Three horny lads are off to the sauna, where Carvin Raw gets his ass fucked by both Bross and Zambu in turn – a blue-eyed starlet who turns a steam-room into a veritable den of iniquity. Its a performance that could almost be banned for fear of sending viewers into a state of irretrievable delirium – a condition that Raw himself achieves when pumping the contents of his balls out for the camera as Zambu bangs him from underneath. Fortunately he recovers sufficiently to engage in arguably the highlight of the show: a double, open-mouthed facial, which leaves him completely and utterly spunk-drenched and looking (quite literally) like the cat that got the cream.
If you like the thought of watching eight of the smoothest, fittest young lads from eastern Europe having the times of their young lives as they suck and fuck each other senseless, then believe us when we tell you that this is gonna be just your sort of thing! As always, Thomas Dyk doesnt disappoint – hes a living porn legend for sure – but ultimately its Nicholas Kimmy and Carvin Raw who sparkle. Two young bottoms who we can only hope to see much more of in the years ahead.

janeiro 10, 2022