Battle Buddies


Drill instructor Ryan Bones is leading initiation boot camp for all the new recruits. Bellamy Bradley gets caught fantasizing about his instructor’s boner and gets exactly that when ordered to drop to his knees. Bellamy can’t after having Bones’ dick in his throat, so he lays awake stroking his insatiable cock when the others start rustling in their bunks. Bellamy decides the best way for them to keep quiet is to do exactly as instructor Bones taught him. Bones gets wind of what happened with Bellamy and Kit and pulls Kit aside to have a stern chat. After reprimanding him, Bones makes sure to teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget. Bellamy is feeling pent up and needs to cum. He makes a break for it during the recruits’ early morning jog. Thinking he’s found himself a private spot his fellow recruits find him, so he decides to cut a deal before they have to return.

janeiro 13, 2022