Bulging Outfits


The new swim team outfits have finally arrived and are waiting for Jay and Javier in the locker room to suit up before practice starts. They are extremely small and Javier can barely fit his big ass in them while Jay’s cock pops right out the bottom of his! With nothing left to put on, Javier helps Jay out and pulls his cock all the way out to start sucking on it. Sasha is at work and his pants keep rubbing against his cock making it hard. Mike comes walking in and doesn’t think anything about it until he brushes up against Sasha by accident and feels something hard… Noah and Trey are planning their vacation to Paris and while doing so they become aroused by how sexy it would be to fuck in their hotel while looking out of their balcony. Noah has a big hard dick that is just aching to penetrate Trey’s big soft ass. Osiris is in his massage studio getting ready for his next client. Alan enters the room and they discuss his needs for massage and areas on his body that needs special attention. Osiris begins massaging Alan’s body and pays close attention to his lower back. He then begins to take the massage in a more sensual/sexual direction and starts stroking Alan’s ass and cock. Osiris then fucks Alan long and deep until Alan cannot hold back and he shoots a nice big load of cum.

janeiro 13, 2022