Daddyz Boyz


In Daddyz Boyz, none of these sexy boyz is spared the rod, and their daddyz deliver discipline in nearly every hot, kinky way imaginable. Director Tony Buff aims to coax pleasure out of pain with a cast chosen for toughness as well as tenderness. It’s common for sexual gratification to be achieved through kissing and petting, but achieving gratification though pain is a carefully acquired — and administered — taste. Daddyz Boys offers nearly four hours of tantalizing punishment. Chase Young is the lazy boy of Daddy Preston Steel. A spanking reminds Chase that chores come first. Spanking is followed by foot worship, which is how Daddy Preston takes the edge off a hard day. Ungrateful Jerek Miles can suck himself, but not when he ought to be making dinner for Daddy Brian Bonds. Brian’s hand, belt and cock set the record straight. Boy Draven Torres anchors a quartet of scenes. By refusing to say “uncle” to the lashing given by Daddy Tony Buff, he earns the right to be tied up and edged to the point of insanity by Tony’s loving and chastising hand. Then Draven gives an “electric” Daddy performance paired with boy, tied-up muscle hunk Armond Rizzo, who rides that cusp of pleasure and pain. Then Daddy Supreme Tony Buff joins them and he and Draven deliver double penetration to Armond. Whether you’re a daddy or a boy, Daddyz Boyz will speak to your dominant and submissive sides and provide you with non-stop master and servant kink that always satisfies.

janeiro 14, 2022