Fuck Feast 36


Milen Petrof is sitting at this desk studying when Alan Carly arrives with some wine. He offers some to Milen and tells him to take a break from studying, as he pulls him to his feet and kisses him. They help each other off with their tee shirts and continue to kiss. Then Milen sits on the desk and leans back as Alan kisses his chest and unfastens his pants. He pulls them down, and off and then leans over to continue kissing Milen’s body, running his hand over the underwear. He pulls off the underwear and starts to suck on Milen’s cock. There is no way Milen is going back to studying now. Two of the hottest straight guys, Martin Gajda and Mirek Madl give us a great scene. They are on the bed and begin to kiss each other. Martin removes his tee shirt as they kiss. Mirek’s hand runs over Martin’s chest. Then Mirek removes his tee shirt too. He leans forward to kiss Martin’s chest and makes his way down from there. For these two guys this is just the beginning Two very handsome str8 guys, Honza Onus and Martin Polnak are relaxing, feeling each other’s bodies. They begin kissing too as Honza leans back on the sofa and Martin kneels over him. Martin kisses his way down Honza’s hot body. He releases Honza’s rock hard cock and starts to suck on it, licking up and down the shaft and taking the whole cock in his mouth. Honza’s hand pushes Martin’s head down on the cock as he enjoys the hot lips on it. Martin moves up Honza’s body so they can kiss some more, then he goes back down on the throbbing cock. Both know the power of pleasuring one another so they switch it up and both guys cum hard.

janeiro 11, 2022