What do you find in the Manhole? Wall-to-wall raunchy mansex. And not much else. Legend has it that there’s an abandoned factory on the edge of town where men go for the raunchiest mansex imaginable. Are you ready to fall into the Manhole? It all started three years ago when three guys, Mustang Exclusives Jake Dakota and Dak Ramsey along with Vin Nolan, were ending their shift at the factory. As they peeled out of their sweaty work clothes and begin eyeing the growing bulges in each other’s underwear. Quickly things elevated from there. Word got out and a few other workers in the factory decided that Jake, Dak and Vin shouldn’t be the ones to have all the fun. The factory has since shut down. The men rule now. It became the place to go when you need to release your pent-up sexual desires.

janeiro 11, 2022