Neighbours Two


Part two of the popular series NEIGHBOURS is here! James (JAMES YOUNG) regularly visits a nearby cafe for lunch, and the waiter Joshua (JOSHUA CAMPI) often serves him. It is clear from the way they look at each other that there is extraordinary chemistry between these two boys. And the regular afternoon pause benefits them both! Exam time is coming, and Rudy (RUDY BLACK) is studying intensively at home. Of course, Jacob (JACOB PAYNE) has completely different thoughts in his head. He rings Rudy’s door bell, and that’s the end of studying! Thomas (THOMAS SWINGS) is waiting for his friend Benjamin (BENJAMIN DUNN) at the airport, and in a while they will both be in bed together. Benjamin tells him about his experiences from the trip, but in their boxers their dicks are getting bigger and bigger, and their balls are full of cum. And so talking about experiences shifts to amazing sex! Thomas (THOMAS SWINGS), who lacks experience, looks around in the fitness center and tries to figure out where and how to begin exercising. Cory (CORY BLAKE), a regular and experienced visitor to the fitness center and at that moment also the only person in the fitness center, watches Thomas and willingly helps him with exercising. However, Thomas is more and more interested in the cock that is well visible in Cory’s elastic shorts. Jan (JAN CORES) is returning home and in front of his building meets a boy who is carrying a lot of bags (JUSTIN BOYLE). He is the kind of boy that Jan always wanted to meet, and as of today he is his new roommate! On the same day, Jan gets the opportunity to see Justin naked through open doors as he leaves the shower. What a beautiful opportunity to begin a new friendship!

dezembro 2, 2021