Plowed And Filled


Ever wonder how many ways a hole could get plowed? This video explores a few scenarios you may not have thought of. Four crazy hot scenes featuring hot raw fucking and holes getting plowed and filled. Lock your doors.

Scene one: Dani offers two loads to Teddy

Dani came to visit Teddy to fill him up, and found some extra juice to load Teddy real full.

Scene two: Milan awakened and fucked

Late one night, horned-up and hung, Rocco XXL finds the address of a hot trick he had fucked a few days earlier. Rocco, remembering that this guy bragged about never locking his doors at night, easily makes his way into the apartment to find the guy fast asl–p having dreams of big cocks and loads in his ass… like all good piggy bottoms do. Needless to say, the trick was dealt another hard ass fucking by Rocco that night. So, the moral of our story is “Going to bed with your doors unlocked is just asking for trouble. Big, hot trouble.”

Scene three: Plowed and filled up on an empty lot

Mehdi and David met on the subway, the two hot guys checked each other out then Kamel followed David when he walked out at his stop. They ended up on an empty lot. Hidden away, Kamel was jerking off his huge dick to get David’s to join in and enjoy that huge eight-inch piece.

janeiro 11, 2022