Screen Test 40


Jirka Syty agreed to a screen test, so we paired him with Alan Carly. They look so good as Jirka sits between Alan’s legs, barechested. Alan reaches round and rubs that sexy chest and slips a hand into Jirka’s jeans. He helps Jirka off with his shirt and continues to feel his body, opening his jeans and groping him. His hand slides into Jirka’s underwear to feel his cock. Then Jirka stands, so his jeans can be removed. Alan pushes down the underwear, releasing Jirka’s stiffening cock. He drops to his knees and begins to suck the hard cock. Will Jirka make it through his screen test? Bozek Kolek is a good looking straight guy who is in for a screen test, with Karel Opec. Karel arrives and sits next to Bozek and they chat for a while about Bozek’s experience, and he agrees to try something with Karel. They begin to kiss and help each other take off their tee shirts. Then, as they continue kissing, they lay on the bed and grope each other. Jeans are opened, freeing their cocks and Bozek lays on top of Karel to kiss some more. He moves down to begins sucking on Karel’s stiffening cock. Bozek licks the cock shaft and sucks on the cock as Karel lays back and enjoys the feeling. Things are off to a great start for Bozek, but can he keep up the pace? Peter Hronsky Jr does a screentest with Miro Dalek. These two good looking straight guys sit on the bed chatting as Miro interviews Peter. Then they begin to kiss and take off their shirts. Miro removes his jeans and his big, stiff cock is exposed. Peter shows his willingness to please as he takes the cock into his mouth and sucks it. His head slides up and down on the rock hard cock. Miro lays back and enjoys the attention his cock is receiving as Peter licks up and down the thick shaft and sucks on the head. Then Peter’s jeans are pushed down, as he moves onto his knees, and then his cock is sucked by Miro. The screen test has only just begin, but how far are these two straight guys willing to take it?

dezembro 27, 2021