The Filth and the Fury


The Filth and the Fury is a Hot Hot hot gay compilation classic.

The stone hard men in this film squirt up and fuck the balls off of each other. Each of those studs in this film instantly brings your head to a place of sex, and filth, and also the energy of a man’s cock. The ape men in this film go ape-shit for hungry buttocks, and they satisfy them with spunk!!

Stars: Bud Wallace, Casey Donovan, Chris Burns, Christopher Rage, Chuck Grady, Clay Grant, Clay Russell, Dan Pace, Daniel Holt, Dave Daniels, David Ross, Don Edward, Noel Kemp, Fred Halsted, Friend, Gary Sikes, Guillermo Ricardo, Jed Black, Joe Ryder, John Steele, Lou Davis, Max Montoya, Mike Mitchel, Mike Mitchell, Mike Morris, Richard Locke, Ricky Genaro, Rob Carter, Scorpio, Scott Sinclair, Tim Kramer

janeiro 11, 2022